iBackApp 1.4

A new version of iBackApp is available. It seems that Apple has changed the way they handle the sqllite db for storing data – They are now using the sqllite logs and more stuff with it. iBackApp will now store all the data that necessary to backup your data safely.
Please, reboot your device once the restore has finished

Users who wish to restore their backup to iOS 5 on a clean install will have to do as follow:
1. UPDATE your device to iOS 5 or restore from iTunes backup.
2. Use iBackApp to backup all you need.
3. Restore your iPhone again to iOS 5, this time, don’t use iTunes backup.
4. Restore your iPhone using iBackApp.

Let me know in the comments how did it go. Good luck!
As usual, donations are always welcomed ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the download link