Who Am I?
My name is Rotem aka rotem925 that previously brought you iBuilder, a bundle builder for PwnageTools. Now that I have some more spare time I’m gonna bring some more apps for the iPhone community.

What is iBackApp?
iBackApp is an application for windows that will backup your iPhone SMS, Call history, Address book and more.

Sometimes you have to restore your iPhone cause its too slow or doesn’t function as it should. In order to do it you have to restore and set your iPhone as a new phone. Here is the problem, you will lose everything, all your contacts, call history, sms and much more.
This is where I decided to develop iBackApp. iBackApp will work on a jailbroken iPhone with iOS 4 or greater (I’m working on a new version for the iPad and iPod touch).
Just connect your iPhone to a USB port, choose what you want to backup and thats it, same thing goes for restore, choose what you want to restore and click the restore button.

Here is a quick tutorial:

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Some requirements before you continue:
A jailbroken iPhone with iOS 4 or greater.
Windows with .NET framework 2.0 (You probably have it already);
Itunes 10.x

Please use it at your own risk
I tested it on iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 and everything worked as expected.
Check this site for more updates and bug fixes.

Feel free to contact me if something goes wrong or if you have any suggestions.
And you can always comment here ๐Ÿ™‚
This is the first application I’m releasing on GeekBook, means there are going to be some more :), just wait…

As always, donations are always appreciated.

If your device name is “Unknown”, just rename it to the same name using iTunes.

Upgrading to iOS 5? read this

Click here to download the latest version